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"A living archive of dance history", Najwa Dance Corps presents an exciting repertoire that spans the eras of the African-American heritage. Always entertaining, the company's performances showcase a breathtaking diversity of dance styles in a historical context. From the rituals of traditional Africa to the glamorous chorus girls of the swing era, Najwa Dance Corps brings joyous, fascinating life to the different cultures that have contributed to contemporary American dance.

The Artistic Director and spiritual guide behind the company is Najwa I. A gifted choreographer and dance historian, Najwa has traveled and performed internationally, from Harlem to New Zealand. In her travels she learned not only the diverse dance styles of different nations and peoples, but also the fundamental human experiences and emotions that inspire self-expression in all people. In addition, Najwa draws on extensive research and her own experiences as a dancer performing with great icons such as those of Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Najwa created her dance company in 1977 to bring these experiences to people of the world.Najwa is a recipient of "Woman In Dance Award (New York); Paul Robeson Award (Chicago); Woman of the Year Award (Chicago). Audiences everywhere respond with enthusiasm to her special combination of sensitivity and creativity.

Najwa Dance Corps brings the traditions of West Africa to life with authentic, historically accurate dances of initiation; of celebration; of courtship and marriage; of birth and death; of folktales and myths; and more.


Island life is recreated in dances that portray a jubilant carnival festival; a typical market place scene; a voodoo initiation ritual; a lire dance; sacred and secular dances; fire dance and limbo dance..

Performances of popular dance styles of the 20th Century, including the Charleston, tap, swing, and modern jazz

The authenticity and excitement of o Najwa Dance Corps performances are available to audiences everywhere. The company's flexible schedule of activities and repertoire permits o variety of programs. Current performance activities include:

  Master Classes
  Ensemble Performances
  One to Two-week Residencies

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